Veteran – Flavorful Veggie Bean Soup

Only have 10 minutes to make dinner?

Need an easy “go to” recipe to make when time is short…

but you still want a nutritious meal?

This recipe is a STAPLE in our home.  I always have all of the ingredients on hand.  We love to eat it with homemade bread (or for those really picker-eaters, top the soup with some of their favorite crackers).  I love using my CANNED STEWED TOMATOES for this soup!  But if you don’t have of those (they are worth their weight in gold at our house)…just find a nice can of STEWED tomatoes at the store.

Flavorful Veggie Bean Soup

Feeds 4 adult portions


1 can 28 oz. Stewed Tomatoes (Or 1 Jar Homemade Tomatoes)

1/2 Bag of Frozen Mixed Vegetables (or more if you want it super chunky)

1 Can Black Beans


Seasonings: 3 Cloves fresh garlic, minced and 2 Teaspoons Dried Thyme


Mix all the ingredients together in a soup pot.  Warm over medium-high heat.  Bring to a boil.  Turn to low and let simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Serve with diced avocado, homemade bread and/or crackers.

Source: WFM 1-10

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