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Our website has been around for close to five years! We have had so much fun watching things ebb and flow, having over 30,000 hits on some months! We are finally getting on social media and trying to get all that figured out. More recently however, it dawned on us that we have not really put a face to our names, or really even a name to our titles, if that makes sense. We are in the process  of making some big changes to our website and decided it is about time you get to know us! I volunteered to introduce myself first! I think the reason we have held back for so many years is the tough critics out there. We are tender hearts and share our message as a service of love, be gentle on us 🙂

Well here goes! 

Me and my Man

 I feel kind of like a rock star denouncing my Newbie title. I will now write as {L} Loni, the blogger formally known as Newbie Mommy! 😉 

About me:

My relationship with God is the most important thing in my life. Then comes my wonderful family, I am a wife and mother to four beautiful daughters, I love them with all my heart. We are far from perfect and there are definitely “those days” that we all have, but I could not love any job more than being a wife and mother. As a family we LOVE to travel.  We road trip for about 6 weeks every summer and get on the road as much as we can year round. Last year we drove through 42 of the 50 States in the United States! We are looking forward to the time where we can head to Europe and explore many cultures! We love to laugh, dance, cook, and play together. 

My Amazing Family

My Heroes 

In January 2012 I completed my Plant-Based certification through Cornell University and have been able to teach a few cooking classes here and there, work with individuals one on one,  as well as apply the knowledge to my own family life. T Colin Campbell is one of my personal heroes.  He is constantly ridiculed by tough critics yet won’t back down from his message, his truth! We can all use a little inspiration from this guy! It was an honor and a privilege to meet and talk with him and then have dinner with Kris Carr in the same day (on my 30th Bday at that)! I was at a yoga conference so don’t mind my un-fancy-ness!;)

Yoga Teacher

One more fun fact, I recently finished my 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with none other than THE Tiffany Cruikshank! It was an amazing experience and I am loving teaching in my new community in Texas! Side note, we just moved to Texas last November (2013) and finally found a house so we will be moving in June. Hooray! I cannot wait to finally unpack everything and get settled!!

Bonus info:

My two favorite kitchen gadgets are my beloved Vitamix and my Cutco Knives! They get to come on all of our road trips as well, can’t leave home without them!

My husband is 6’7” and I am only 4’11”  We are quite the pair!

I talk about my BRCA cancer gene and what sparked my journey into the plant-based world Here in my Newbie bio.

If there is something I am missing or you are dying to know, email me at ~ I love hearing from our readers!!!

Thanks for reading,  


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