Veteran – Veggie Risotto & Teriyaki Bowl



2 Tablespoon Coconut Oil

1/2 cup Onion, diced (I used sweet)

2  Garlic Cloves, minced

2 cups Arborio Rice

6 cups Veggie Broth (or any good flavored broth that you love)

1 lb. Crimini Mushrooms, chopped

8 oz. Frozen Peas


Saute onion and garlic in oil for 3 minutes (until tender).  Add rice, stirring for about 2 minutes on medium heat, lightly toasting the rice.  Stir in 1 cup of broth.  Continue cooking and stirring until liquid is absorbed.  Gradually stir in remaining broth 1 cup at a time, cooking and stirring until liquid is absorbed before adding the next cup.

As you are adding the cups of broth, saute the mushrooms in a seperate pan using a little water (or coconut oil) until tender.

After all the broth has been used and absorbed, add in veggies (mushrooms and peas), then serve hot.

You can top the rice with a yummy teriyaki sauce (which my kids TOTALLY loved!)

Recipe inspired by!  Love her!

Source: WFM 1-10

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