Newbie – Avoiding Holiday Food Pitfalls

    I don’t know about you, but it seems this time of year is just busy. There are so many activities and fun things to do as well as planning and preparing for holiday events. I find that some days, it’s two in the afternoon before I have had a decent meal. The trouble starts when the neighbor treats or holiday food samples at the store become my “meals” I feel like when I let that slide it just triggers a downward spiral! The downward spiral, sugar quick highs and fast crashes. I also seem to “need” salty foods after having sugar foods… anyone else notice that? If I can stop myself from the original sugar snack I don’t crave salty snack foods and just avoid the whole cycle. 

So then, how do I avoid these pitfalls?

   There are a few simple solutions that can easily be incorporated to avoid snacking on those trigger foods.

    The first suggestion is one we have all heard many times, but it is well worth repeating… PLAN AHEAD. It can be as simple writing down a few meal ideas ahead of time to save you time when when you stomach starts to rumble. Or taking some time to chop and prepare healthy on the go snacks bags full of fresh foods. Also,  I am loving my crock pot right now. I can throw in anything from foil wrapped potatoes to veggie broth and a simple variety of fresh chopped veggies that will be ready and warm when I come home after a busy day. Take the extra 10-20 minutes the night/day before to save yourself from  snacking on those holiday treats!

    Eat a healthy breakfast!! It is so important to start the day off on the right foot. Plus when we fuel our body with the foods it needs to function properly we get more out of our day! You wouldn’t drive your car on empty, you shouldn’t run your body on empty. When we don’t eat breakfast our body goes into starvation mode and needs a quick pick me up, it knows that sugary foods can give us a quick boost so we start to crave treats.  When you start your day with a healthy meal, it is easier to stay on track for the day.

    Finally, eat before you go out, better yet, eat something GREEN!  Even if you are going to a holiday party where they will be serving you a meal, you don’t know what healthy options you might have. If you are like me when you are hungry, logic can quickly go out the window when a smorgasbord of food is placed in front of you. Eat something healthy, especially if you are going grocery shopping, this time of year they have displays of not to good foods out everywhere just tempting our hungry stomachs to grab those naughty snack/treats. When we are well fed, we are level headed and able to make better decisions in all aspects. 

Let’s make it a goal together to stay on top of the game this Holiday season! I’m in, are you?


Happy Holidays!


Source: WFM 1-10

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