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We have had many of you MOMMIES ask questions regarding MILK and babies.

Some of the questions have been:

What is the best FORMULA?

What is the best MILK option to give my child at 12 month old now knowing the disease promoting effects of cow’s milk?

In the book DISEASE PROOF YOUR CHILD by Joel Fuhrman- he states that DAIRY should be avoided, and in the rare cases you eat it- only be consume NON-Fat versions.  So what do I feed my baby?

First all, we at Whole Food Mommies strongly encourage BREASTFEEDING for at least 12 months (research shows 24 months is optimum). I have read many articles about breastfeeding- and even if you have stopped producing milk, you can start back up again by using a nice electric pump. Begin pumping again and within a very short time (days)- you can have milk. 

When mothers ask Dr. Joel Fuhrman (a doctor that I respect and has done his research) what formula they should use,

1.  His first response ALWAYS is: Breastfeeding.

He always encourages mothers to keep going and if you have stopped, start again.  He has very strong opinions against formula- and because of that, hasn’t done much research to determine which is the best.  Mother’s milk is the best!  Writing this- my intent is not to make any mother feel bad for not breastfeeding.  My heart goes out to Mommies that haven’t been able to- especially when they have wanted to.  I always try to be sensitive these Mommies.  So- if you aren’t able to start breastfeeding again, Here is Dr. Fuhrman’s second response:

2.  Find a milk bank where you can purchase breast milk.

There are many resources out there that mother’s don’t know about- that provide quality breat milk.  This is the second best option.  I personally have never needed to look for this- so I do not have a source.  If any of you know one- let me know! (

3.  His third response, which he gives reluctantly- is to use COW’S MILK based formula (whey) over SOY. The higher aluminum content of the soy formulas and the questionable effects of the soy makes him cautious about using it as a full infant diet. But he NEVER promotes formula.


So what about you mother’s that have a 12 month old or older. You understand the harmful effects of cow’s milk, but you are wondering what is the best option for your child?


I again will refer back to Joel Fuhrman-

If breastfeeding/breast milk is not an option, continue to use a whey based formula sparingly, it can be cut with unsweetened hemp milk and of course as much healthy food as possible to limit the use of the formula. Dr. Fuhrman’s favorite milks are hemp and almond milk.

I personally breastfeed my children well past 12 months, but I would begin giving them homemade almond milk around 12 months old. Recipe found here.

The key to remember is your child needs healthy FATS for proper brain development. Avocado daily is an excellent choice along with nut butters.

In summary, if you have a child under 12 months, Whole Food Mommies recommendation is to use Whey formula and if the child is old enough- AVOCADO and NUT MILKS as much as possible.

If you have a child over 12 months, You can continue using the formula- but mix it in with hemp milk or almond milk and feed your children vegetables, fruits, ground flaxseeds, legumes and whole grains. Until you feel it ok to discontinue the formula.  If they are getting plenty of fats other ways- formula might not be needed.  Check out Dr. Fuhrman’s DHA for your baby as well!

I hope this helps!

Let me know!

I hope this answers your questions!

Much love,

Veteran Mommy

Source: WFM 1-10

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