Veteran – Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream

One of our favorite desserts in our house is CHOCOLATE MOUSSE (only 3 ingredients!)

Just recently, we made this yummy, simple recipe, EVEN BETTER!  We froze it…

and now we call this



1 package Silken Tofu

1 cup Chocolate Chips

1 cup Non-Dairy Milk (Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream, Almond Milk or Soy Milk)

Coconut milk or cream is definitely our favorite!


Combine Chocolate Chips and Milk in a small sauce pan over medium heat.

Stirring constantly until combined and completely melted.

Let chocolate mixture sit for a few minutes to cool (this will help with the mousse setting up).

Then combine chocolate mixture with Tofu in a high-powdered blender or food processor.

Blend until smooth.

Place in refrigerator for an hour (until thickened)…OR place in your freezer until frozen!

Let sit on your counter to thaw before consuming, very quickly…because you won’t be able to help yourself.

*For a sweeter version, try adding 2 TBS maple syrup…SO GOOD! much ♥, {m}

Source: WFM 1-10

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