Maintenance – Eat to Live Tracking Chart

I’ve only recently discovered that I like charts!!

Truthfully I should have known since I am a total list girl.  I’m one of those people that puts things on the list just for the satisfaction of checking it off.

I am left-brained, Type A (Type 3 for some of you) and I am task-oriented.  Ok, I’ll admit, I’ may not always be that fun, but by golly I AM efficient 🙂

So in my discovery of being a “chart girl “, I thought why not create something that I could look at each day that could remind me of how I want to be eating.

I’ve been on a few too many vacations lately, which for me generally for me means less than ideal eating!

Those of you Dr. Fuhrman fans will immediately recognize the list on the chart.  This is a basic summary of his best seller “Eat to Live”. (The ‘Raw’ and ‘Cooked” are veggies)

I left the bottom row blank for you to add your own item.  Mine currently says “2 Bites” on the bottom line.  That means that if there is a food that I really want to have/taste then I simply need to limit it to 2 bites.  Dr. Fuhrman includes 3 fruits on his chart, but that is something that is very easy for me, so I wanted to add something a little more challenging.

You can DOWNLOAD the chart HERE if you want to print it.

Also, if you are a chart lover, or if you are curious about whether or not your children are motivated by charts (which most children are!), then you and your family could benefit by our Challenges that we create each month in our membership.  Each challenge comes in a printable chart format to be checked off each day.  There are 2 challenges each month and when you join the membership you will get access to all of the previous months!!!

Eating healthy involves finding ways to stay motivated!  Hope this one helps!

Charity – Maintenance Mommy

Source: WFM 1-10

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