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I recently had two different friends ask me about BREAKFAST recipes.  They both are starting to work-out more and be much more active, and they were wondering what types of breakfast would be good for an AFTER WORK-OUT meal?  And of course, they mentioned their concern about PROTEIN.


As both of my friends asked me this question…my very first thought was MUESLI.  And then my mouth began to water…because of how yummy this breakfast is to me.  I love adding different types of fresh and dried fruit…it’s so good!


Muesli is a European breakfast that essentially consists of oats, grains, and nuts soaked overnight and then eaten with fresh fruit.  So it’s a raw, sprouted food that contains tons of plant-based protein!  A perfect post work-out breakfast!



Want some research to back this up???

Brendan Brazier is a Professional Ironman Triathlete who is vegan.  He has written a few research based books on the subject of Vegan Nutrition while being an athlete (THRIVE).  He recommends eating a complete, nutrient-rich meal an hour after your work-out.  He says that ideally this meal should consist of high-quality, easily digestible raw protein from natural whole-food sources.  Muesli fits right into this description.


Another WONDERFUL post-work meal (that Brendan Brazier recommends)




(check out the recipe HERE)

Source: WFM 1-10

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