Veteran – Almond Milk Smoothie Recipe for Infants

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So I wanted to share this recipe for all those mothers out there in the process of weaning…or mother’s who are taking their children off of formula and wondering what they should replace it with.  First of all- I have to share my personal beliefs on the word “replacing”.  Did you know that we are the only mammals that do not wean themselves from MILK?  All other mammals naturally take to their mother’s breast…and natural wean themselves when the time is right.  Once they are weaned….do they replace their mother’s milk with another form of milk?  No.  So- should we feel the need to replace our milk with another form?  Of course I do not promote or agree with cow’s milk in any form- especially for children under 2…for reasons why see the below information taken from one of my previous blogs found here.


Did you know that The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in 1994 “strongly encouraged” that infants in families where diabetes is more common not be fed cow’s milk supplements for their first two years of life.  Do you know why they said this?  Because research shows a STRONG link between Type 1 Diabetes and the consumption of cow’s milk.  I don’t know about you, but just in case your children might be genetically susceptible to type 1 diabetes…wouldn’t you want to know that the AAP strongly discourages you from feeding them cow’s milk?  

When looking at the association of cow’s milk consumption and incidence of Type 1 Diabetes in different countries, there is an almost perfect correlation.  The greater the consumption of cow’s milk, the greater the prevalence of Type 1 diabetes.  In Finland, Type 1 diabetes is 36 times more common than in Japan.  Large amounts of cow’s milk products are consumed in Finland but very little is consumed in Japan. (The China Study, T. Colin Campbell)

Type 1 Diabetes

What most people don’t know, though, is that there is strong evidence that this disease is linked to diet, and, more specifically, to dairy products.  The ability of cow’s milk protein to initiate Type 1 diabetes is well documented.  (Read The China Study page 187 for information on how the initiation of this disease is started with cow’s milk).  The initiation process boils down to a truly remarkable statement: cow’s milk may cause one of the most devastating diseases that can befall a child. 

Did you know that children weaned too early and fed cow’s milk have, on average, a 50-60% higher risk of Type 1 diabetes? (The China Study)


For more info on Cow’s Milk…see our blogs here and here.

So I don’t agree with feeding my children cow’s milk…but DO I feel that they need another form of “milk” once they are weaned.  To be honest…not really.  I weaned my first child to water.  My second and third children I introduced ALMOND MILK here and there when I felt it was needed- but they basically weaned to water as well.  Does this mean all Mom’s should wean just like me…NO.  This is just what is good for me and my children- and it has worked great!  So I thought I would share.


Even though for the most part I weaned to WATER…I still felt very good about the occasional drink of ALMOND MILK.  I can make it myself- very easily, and I can see and know of the quality of all the ingredients. For a wonderful Almond milk recipe…click here.

(If making your own milk doesn’t sound appealing to you…just go buy it already made.  If you buy premium almonds for your homemade milk- it actually costs about the same for the store bought milk…believe me- sometimes using the pre-maid stuff is needed when I have a busy week).

So here is a quick recipe that I have been using for my 16 month old…this is what she has for breakfast occasionaly and it feels really good to me when she drinks it.  It contains more than just Almond Milk & fruit…I add all the essential “enhancers” that my growing little girl needs every once and awhile.  Again- it just feels good giving her this right now.  And a double bonus- my older kids like it as well 🙂  Hope you enjoy!

Almond Milk Smoothie


1 cup Almond Milk

1 Half frozen banana

3 frozen strawberries (or any other frozen fruit)

Handful of raw spinach

1 tsp. flax seed

1 Vitamin D capsule (opened and emptied into smoothie)

.5 ml DHA oil (I use Dr. Fuhrman’s brand for all my supplements)


Add all ingredients to a high powered blender and blend until smooth.  This shouldn’t be too thick- more like a flavored chilled drink.  Pour into sippy cup and let your kids go to town.



Source: WFM 1-10

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