Newbie – Wrap it up!

A twist on an old favorite. SALAD

I was inspired by my husband to make a wrap for lunch the other day. I was talking to him on the phone and he was telling me about a delicious wrap he had for lunch. My stomach growled, I wanted one! I went to the fridge and had some leftover salad from the night before. I chopped up some fresh avocados and cucumbers, threw it all in a whole wheat tortilla and VOILA!  A delicious and nutritious lunch! It was so satisfying!  The next night for dinner I made up a quick salad.


2-3 large handfuls-Spinach leaves

5 Strawberries chopped

 2 avocados chopped

1 floret broccoli chopped

 1/2 cucumber chopped

1-2 TBSP of dressing (my kids like poppy seed)

Mix it all together in a bowl and place a scoop in the center of a whole wheat tortilla or pita and ENJOY!

My kids LOVED it! Even the two year old twins! I had to help them out quite a bit, but they felt pretty special having their own little wrap!


Source: WFM 1-10

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