Newbie – Let's take action!! Support the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010, H.R. 4870

   Today I got an email from Elizabeth J. Kucinich, the Director of Public Affairs for PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) asking for help with the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010, H.R. 4870.

The act states:


Healthy School Meals Act of 2010 – Directs the Secretary of Agriculture to select school food authorities to participate in a pilot program evaluating the use of plant-based alternate protein products and fluid milk substitutes under the school lunch and breakfast programs. Directs the Secretary to: (1) deliver plant-based alternate protein products and fluid milk substitutes to such food authorities at no cost for the preparation of meals under the school lunch and breakfast programs; and (2) assess which of such foods would be best for more general use in the school lunch and breakfast programs, and deliver them for general use under such programs, within two years of this Acts’ enactment. Requires the Secretary, within two years of this Act’s enactment, to promulgate regulations that: (1) reflect specific recommendations for increased consumption of plant-based foods; and (2) provide for the distribution of supplemental commodity assistance or cash in lieu thereof to states and certain school food authorities that offer a plant-based entree on their daily lunch menus, for the purchase of entirely plant-based commodity food products or fluid milk substitutes. Requires schools participating in the school lunch program to serve a nondairy beverage that is nutritionally equivalent to fluid milk and meets certain nutritional standards to students who cannot consume fluid milk because of a disability or medical or other special dietary need. (Eliminates the requirement that students who cannot consume fluid milk due to a disability provide schools with a statement from a physician that identifies such disability and specifies the fluid milk substitute.)”

Email from Elizabeth:

“The House Education and Labor Committee today released a draft version of the Improving Nutrition for America’s Children Act of 2010, a bill to reform the National School Lunch Program and other key child nutrition programs.
Although the draft bill is a good step forward in improving current nutrition standards and nutrition education in schools, it does not go far enough in ensuring that every school can provide children with the healthiest options on the lunch line.
Most significantly, the draft does not include any of the provisions of the Healthy School Meals Act, a bill introduced earlier this year to help schools offer more healthful, plant-based options, which now has 65 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives. Plant-based options are naturally low in saturated fat, cholesterol free, and full of fiber. The Healthy School Meals Act also has an important provision to ensure that all children—including millions who are lactose intolerant, allergic, or who avoid milk for religious or ethical reasons—can choose a nutritious, nondairy beverage with their school meal.

We need your help TODAY. Please e-mail and ask for support to amend the Improving Nutrition for America’s Children Act to include provisions that will provide healthful, plant-based options in every school.
Our children deserve better!”

  I am thrilled that things are changing. I hope enough people take action and we can have a voice!

Even the beloved BOB HARPER (biggest loser trainer) is on board, check this out:

Bob Harper, fitness and nutrition trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, has helped millions of viewers understand how a healthy diet can fight obesity. Now, he’s taking that message to Capitol Hill to help students who need encouragement to form healthy eating habits early. He left a phone message for members of Congress asking them to support the Healthy School Meals Act, H.R. 4870, which would help school food service programs serve more fruits, vegetables, and healthy plant-based vegetarian meal options.

click here for the full link and to listen to his phone message



You can help 30 million American students eat healthier school lunches. It’s simple. Ask Congress to change the Child Nutrition Act to help schools provide students more vegetables, fruits, vegetarian foods, and healthful nondairy beverages.

Each school day, millions of children eat greasy, unhealthy meals served in the over 100,000 schools and institutions participating in the National School Lunch Program, which is regulated by the Child Nutrition Act. Foods like these have helped drive childhood obesity to record levels. Healthful vegetarian options, which are low in fat and cholesterol, could help reverse this epidemic.


Let’s be part of this positive change. We have an amazing opportunity to make a change.



Urge Congress to Support the Healthy School Meals Act of 2010, H.R. 4870
Contact them today! (if you click on my contact link, it takes you straight to the PCRM page with an automatic email. All you have to do is fill out your name and address then it will automatically send an email to your local representative!)


Source: WFM 1-10

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