Veteran – This is my face…

I really have a hard time doing this…writing about myself. It is so much easier to post a beautiful picture of mashed potatoes (which I did last week- and they rocked!) than to post a picture of my face and write about myself. Who is really going to read this anyways??? Then I think, I really do love linking other people’s “mashed potatoes” with their faces. So here goes…

This is my face, I am Miriam of Whole Food Mommies. And I like to consider myself a “minimalist”, (even though I currently have 3 junk drawers in my home.) I totally believe that “less is more”. Thus, this write-up on myself will be short & sweet.

I am a graphic designer by trade, a wife and mother by LOVE, a soccer player for fun, and a FOOD BLOGGER out of necessity. Have you ever heard the phrase “Your MESS is your MESSAGE”? That fits me well.

The moment I had my first child I began to feel the joy that comes when you feed your children healthy foods. The moment you make a beautiful healthy meal that your family not only eats, but they love. That is why I am a food blogger, my goal is to help other “mommies” (and myself) feed their families MORE PLANTS. I truly love CREATING things that help people (thus my graphic design business).

I definitely don’t consider myself a vegan, but I LOVE vegan food. My minimalist characteristic shows itself in my recipes. Simple and easy and super yummy! I am married to my sweetie, who is one of the most selfless people I know and has never complained once about my simple cooking. My kids do every so often, but hard work is paying off. My kids eat pretty well and it truly does bring me joy.

I am a member of the LDS church (Mormons), which totally defines who I am. I love deep conversations with dear friends and a good piece of dark chocolate after a long productive day of making mashed potatoes, cleaning my junk drawers and posting on Instagram.

Much love, {m}

Source: WFM 1-10

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