Maintenance – Sharpening the Saw

I have a theory that the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics also applies to our EATING. 

The second law is concerned with entropy, which is a measure of disorder. The second law says that the entropy of the universe increases.

What this basically means is that things tend to go from a state of order to a state of DISORDER!

I believe that unless we work diligently to keep our health in a state of ORDER, we will tend towards DISORDER.

In other words, if we do not consistently find ways to stay motivated to eat healthy and exercise, eventually we will get lazy and “fall off the healthy wagon”.

We all have different “currency” that helps keep us on track.  For me it’s reading.  I love great books that keep me reminded of the WHYS.  I’ll be honest, sometimes it feels like a sacrifice to maintain a healthy lifestyle (and sometimes it just feels natural), and I love being reminded about the payoffs of these sacrifices (like longevity and vitality).


I thought I would share 2 books that I am loving right now (both can be found on Amazon).


This is by T.Colin Campbell, author of The China Study.  I just started it, but so far I am loving it.

This is an unbelievable book written about Mormon Revelation given from God about the Law of Health.  A fantastic read!

I haven’t read this one yet, but its the next on my list (already in my Amazon Cart 🙂








Source: WFM 1-10

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