Newbie – Candida… probiotics… what exactly is they?

      Today I was doing research on too many things, it was one of those google trails where you start reading one article and before you know it you have read several articles and followed all the links on their pages. I came across this link and I thought it was worth sharing. The video is long BUT so easy to understand. It was made by a company hoping to sell their probiotics, but the content is just so well put together! It is long, so settle in and pay attention. There is one part around minute 28:00 that I disagree with. They mention changing your diet and nearly impossible and not practical so take their pill. Strongly disagree there, but the rest of the video really helps simplify what has led our country to the state that we are currently in with depression, heart disease, cancer, obesity, fatigue all everyday common terms we here (or have) in our homes.  Whether or not you decide to take a probiotic is entirely up to you, please see your physician if you wish to discuss these matters further. (I am not a doc… but maybe one day. haha)

Please take the time to watch:

Source: WFM 1-10

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