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I recently came across the following 2 articles- and I thought I would share.  Both we fascinating to me.

What Do Squirrels Think of GMO Corn? 

Paul Fonder was curious to see what kind of corn squirrels would favor.
Last fall, Fonder conducted an experiment in his South Dakota backyard. He built a squirrel feeder and put genetically modified corn fresh from a neighbor’s field on one post and one-year-old organic corn on the other.

“You would expect squirrels to prefer fresh corn over corn that’s a year old,” said Fonder. But that’s not what happened.
Here’s a simple picture that tells the story. 
Image of corn cobs eaten by squirrels.











Fonder repeated the experiment five times, using different varieties of organic and GM corn.  Each time, he got the same results.
Do you think that it’s possible the squirrels might be on to something here?

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How Much Protein Is There Really In Your Favorite Plant Foods?

There are many graphics and lists on the Internet that list the amount of protein in plants and some of the numbers are accurate and some are not.  To clarify the issue, Jeff Novick ( created a chart, which is based on the latest values from USDA Standard Reference Release 26, which is the most up-to-date values.

Check out the chart HERE.

Before you look at the chart…can anyone tell me what PLANT contains the most PROTEIN per Calorie?  Actually over HALF of it’s calories come from PROTEIN?

If you said SPINACH…you are correct!

Check out the chart as well as 5 well written articles on PROTEIN (the plant-based way).

Life is good!

Source: WFM 1-10

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