Veteran – Green Beans and things

I know this isn’t the best picture…but it was our dinner tonight and my kids loved it.  Some people might look at this and go…REALLY?  That’s a dinner?

But you know you are a WHOLE FOOD MOMMY when…

          You eat a dinner like this and you don’t miss the meat.

                Garlic Mashed potatoes, Green Beans and a little gravy.

So there is this book called HEALTHY AT 100 by John Robbins.  It gives accounts of the longest living people that have lived on this planet.  My favorite being the HUNZA’s (see my blog here for more info).

Anyways- I loved reading this book and learning all about these people…especially what they ate.  And ALL of the people that he documented ate very little ANIMAL.  They actually used ANIMAL for the flavoring instead of the main dish (or even a side dish).  I LOVE THAT!

So this recipe above…I flavored with turkey gravy.  And because of that one tablespoon of gravy, my kids ate a large portion of steamed green beans.  You can’t feel bad about that!

I know this recipe isn’t much…but if you are a potato lover like I am- you should totally give it a try.

Hope all is WONDERFUL!

much love!

Veteran Mommy

Source: WFM 1-10

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