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So I am pregnant (Yeah for me!)…AND I really don’t like to label myself VEGAN (I STRIVE to eat a whole food plant based diet focusing MORE on what I should  eat, than what I should not eat)….

AND I work.

I actually have 6 jobs that are clearly defined.  I have job schedules for each and job descriptions.  One of my FAVORITE jobs is a WIFE.  And I work hard at this job- and LOVE IT!  I am a WIFE after 8:30 every night (my kids are asleep by then so it helps!).  Right next to my job as a WIFE…is my job as a MOTHER.  My income that I make as a MOTHER is priceless.  Those are just a couple of my many jobs and job responsibilities.

Needless to say…being a working MOTHER I crave order and constantly work on it daily (I am not perfect!).

I am sure there are working MOM’s out there who struggle to find the time and the ORDER to plan and prepare healthy meals for myself and my family.  And then adding PREGNANCY on top of that…IT”S CRAZY difficult!!! 


Well…here are my symptoms of being pregnant:

1.  I am hungry (I actually think a lot about food- I am not used to that at all).

2.  I am tired (it seems each pregnancy I get more and more “sleepy”).

3.  Forgetful (I seem to forget and neglect more than usual).

4.  I am hungry (And I crave UNHEALTHY FOOD!  What is up with that?  Seriously!)

Luckily I don’t get sick or nauseas when I am expecting…and I’m sorry for those who do- that would throw a whole other dynamic that would add much difficulty.


So being TIRED, HUNGRY and FORGETFUL sometimes means not consuming an ideal diet.


Here are some TIPS that have recently helped me a lot. Whether you are pregnant or not, hopefully these tips will be helpful. I know that when I am eating HEALTHY myself…I tend to fix much healthy dinners.  So these tips are for YOU mommies out there- wanting to eat better 🙂

Have tips of your own?…PLEASE…SHARE!



I was talking to my sister the other day (who is also pregnant) and she mentioned…if my fridge was full of HEALTHY FOOD I would eat it. But it’s not, so when I go through my hunger spells- I grab whatever is quick and yummy (which is normally chips, crackers or other packaged foods).

So my tip #1- stock your fridge with pre-cut VEGGIES. I buy carrots, broccoli, celery and cauliflower. I take about 30 minutes to cut them all up and put them in individual baggies. I put these in the front of my refrigerator. When I am hungry…I make myself grab one of these first. And- when you’re hungry is the best time to eat these…because they taste REALLY good with an appetite.

2.     Tip #2: IT’S ALL ABOUT NUTS!

I know some people avoid eating nuts, due to the FAT content…but when you’re pregnant- I believe you do not need to avoid them. I have a small bag (about 1-2 oz.) every day of RAW almonds or walnuts. I throw in some raisins to help give it a little sweetness. These little baggies feel me up quick in between meetings and they take away my SWEET cravings every time!

3.     Tip #3 HIGH TEA

In England, there is a wonderful tradition known as high tea. At four in the afternoon, which is a few hours after lunch and a few hours before dinner, a light snack is eaten with tea. It’s usually “mini” sandwiches or pastries, and it’s done in a ceremonial fashion with fancy silver and china. It seems like 4:00 pm is the universal time when people need something. We all have cravings that happen (mine are happening more than usually)…but the practice of eating a small “treat” around this time is probably better than other times like LATE LATE at night or EARLY in the morning or right after a large lunch….because your tummy is empty. Which I have read is the best time to eat a small treat. So if you need a treat…try doing it at HIGH TEA. Make it small and make it FUN! 

4.     Tip #4 FORGIVENESS

Believe me…I WANT TO EAT THE BEST I CAN during my pregnancy…but there have been days that it just hasn’t happened. Two of the strongest emotions on this planet are REGRET and RESENTMENT. You let that stay in you for a long period of time (like more than a week)…and you could be in trouble. I believe the greatest HEALING tool on the planet is FORGIVENESS. And I practice it daily. I love my BODY (I express my love to it often) and I forgive myself a lot. I am always striving to do better and do the best I can…and I mess up sometimes. SO…I quickly ADJUST (key word: QUICKLY), Learn from the experience, FORGIVE and keep moving forward. I believe a HEALTHY DIET is an ESSENTIAL PART of a healthy pregnancy…but another aspect that is just as important are HEALTHY EMOTIONS. And the difference between HEALTHY EMOTIONS and UNHEALTHY EMOTIONS is FORGIVENESS.


There are many things I have been learning during this pregnancy and I am exciting to share them with all of you. Hope your life is good, happy and full of forgiveness.


Veteran Mommy

Source: WFM 1-10

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