Newbie – What do I eat?

After talking with someone about my food beliefs I get this question:

 So then, what do you eat?

This is a question I get asked so often I should always be ready to answer, but I usually stumble over it. I say something like, uhh veggies and beans…. some quinoa.  I know that answer doesn’t help people. So I finally decided to have my camera by my side for 48 hours to take a picture of what I ate and fed my kids! (warning my pics are real and NOT fancy!)


My husband is out of town so most of these meals are quick and easy and super kid friendly!


Dinner: Quinoa and black beans (canned drained and rinsed), steamed broccoli and carrots, and a large side of seasoned unfries. total prep/cook time = 40 min!


Breakfast: Well I didn’t take a pic because I make the same thing everyday. A smoothie. My  kids will have theirs with some Cheerios or toast.

Lunch: Refried beans with fresh pico and avocados for the kids. Served with chips and some fresh broccoli. My salad; spinach, kale, mushrooms, red pepper, carrots, and broccoli, topped with some balsamic vinegar. Quick and easy!  Total prep/cook time= 10 minutes


Dinner: PIZZAS! Always a thrill at my house! I used Whole wheat tortillas, Newmans Own sauce, diaya cheese, and topped them kale, green onions, black beans, and a little garlic Gomasio (found at Whole Foods). YUM! My pizza had quite a bit more kale than the kids, but its a great way to sneak some in for them!

I baked them at 425 for 10 minutes or less. Served with steamed veggies. Total prep/cooktime = 20 minutes!

Breakfast: I am easy, a SMOOTHIE. the kids: smoothies and toast!



Lunch: Tofurkey sanwiches if your kids are use to regular turkey go half and half to start making the switch! We had left over seasoned unfries,  served with strawberries and cucumbers! EASY! Total prep time= 5-6 minutes!

Dinner: CHILI, there are several options for chili, we have some great recipes. Also Nalley Chili makes a great simple vegetarian chili and Amy’s makes one that my kids don’t love, but my husband likes a lot! I chopped some fresh cilantro and avocados. Served with steamed veggies (usually broccoli). My husband is out of town so we had Nalley Chili (just remember the canned ones are a lot higher in sodium so don’t over do it) Total prep/cook time= 10 minutes!!

I really hope this information helps someone understand how simple it really is. These meals are NOT perfect and I know I always have room to improve, but my kids are getting the fats and protein their little bodies need. With a smoothie I get to give them a lot greens without them knowing it. They also get a multi-vitamin most days!

They snack on fresh fruit for the most part but there are days where goldfish and cheerios become a handy snack! 

I am a mom just like you, striving everyday for something better. Take baby steps! 

Much Love,



Source: WFM 1-10

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