Veteran – Which diet is the best?

If you have done any research on Whole Food Plant Based diets- you will notice that most of the literature/studies teach the same ideas & principles:  That eating a healthy 100% plant based diet, or nearly-all plant based diet can reverse heart disease and also help prevent & cure many other western diseases. 

But…if you are like me- you will also notice that there are some differences as well.  There are many incredible VEG Doctor’s out there- that definitely have some differences.  Recently when I attended the 2010 Vegsource expo I was able to see first hand some of the differences these incredible experts have…

Is Joel Fuhrman’s recommendation to take Vitamin D correct?  Or should you follow John McDougall and his anti-supplement advice?  Should you avoid animal at all costs?  Or can you have a cage-free egg every now and then?  What about salt…is there any health benefits?  Should you limit your whole grains…what about beans???

So…which plan is the most “right?”

I LOVED Jeff Novick’s answer to this question during the Expo…he stated:

Answer:  “The one you will do.”

When looking at healthy plant-based diets, the best one for you is the one that YOU will stick with.  So read some books on plant-based diets…find some rules that fit you….rules that you will stick with- and do it!  Good luck!!!  Hopefully our website can help you on your journey!


Source: WFM 1-10

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