Veteran – Zesty Quinoa Bean…Medley?

As you can tell by the name of this post…I’m not sure what to call this recipe.

But what I do know for sure- is that it is so YUMMY!!!


I basically combined two of our recipes (slightly modified) to come up with this ZESTY QUINOA BEAN recipe.

It happened by chance- which made it so fun.


A couple weeks ago I made our QUINOA STEW… but since I have been reading a lot about how healthy QUINOA is, I decided to double the quinoa in the recipe which made it less of a stew and more chunky.  This recipe by itself was okay…but when I added sliced avocado and cilantro- it turned out to be a very yummy meal.



QUINOA (keen-wah)

Quinoa not only has high protein content, but the protein is of an exceptionally high quality.  It contains all the essential amino acids, making quinoa an excellent protein source for vegetarians.

I still had some leftovers of the Quinoa recipe that I wanted to eat- but I didn’t have any fresh cilantro or avocados.  But I did have some fresh ANYTIME BEAN DIP in my fridge.  So I decided to take a chance- and I added the dip to the Quinoa recipe.

IT WAS SO YUMMY!  The flavors complimented each other perfectly.

I have made this combined recipe twice now- and my kids LOVE IT!  It gives them their serving of BEANS, WHOLE GRAINS, and VEGGIES for the day.  Give this recipe a try- it’s great as leftovers!

*if you have any better ideas for the name of this yummy meal…let me know!

Source: WFM 1-10

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