Simple basic steps that I took to change my life, health, and my dress size!!

After each of my pregnancies I feel like I have worked very hard to lose the weight and get back into those fantastic skinny jeans. I started working extra hard after having twins. I had a long way to go! I signed up for a boot camp workout class when my twins were 11 weeks.  I started working my butt off, literally. The first month, I killed it!! I lost 5 lbs and a bunch of inches. I was so excited to keep it up, but five months later, I knew I was healthier cardiovascularly but I had only lost another inch or two and wasn’t seeing big changes on the scale. I was pretty disappointed. My trainer would tell me not to pay attention to the scale, to look at how far I have come physically. My push-ups increased and my level of endurance, I was faster than ever, how can that be? I worked so hard everyday yet still not losing? I focused on my nutrition, trying the “eat five small meals a day” trick. I kept a food journal to show my trainer, he was shocked to see what I ate. I was not over eating by any means. With four little kids to take care of all day, I barely had time to eat. We chalked up my non-weight loss to stress and a busy schedule, but I still wasn’t satisfied with that answer. Veteran mommy and I had talked about food and nutrition a little bit, but she wasn’t big on pushing her ideas on other people. Maintenance mommy on the other hand brought over her copy of the China Study and said, “take this and read it!”  Then Veteran mommy offered up her book on CD along with “Eat to Live” on CD. My husband and I listened to them on a road trip. Changed our diets and our life! Eight weeks later my husband was FIFTY pounds lighter (he hadn’t even started working out yet!!) and looking HOT!! I was 13 lbs lighter, at a normal BMI, and starting to fit into some of my old clothes!! I still haven’t made it to those skinny jeans, but I’m striving daily to follow this new way of eating and be truly healthy AND look smokin hot 🙂 My mother-in-law has lost over 30 lbs in a couple of months, and now my father-in-law is seeing that there is truth to this whole new way of eating. He has just started following it! It’s just so exciting, I love how simple it is and it rings true when you take the time to read or listen to the information.


STEP ONE: read or listen to “The China Study” and “Eat to Live”

STEP TWO: follow them!!


STEP FOUR: stick with us, continue to gain knowledge, follow our recipes, read veteran and maintenance mommies blog posts (they really know what they are talking about!!)

We put this website together to help each other with fun recipe ideas and nutrition information. Hopefully this will make the process so much easier for you. I have always loved fitness and encouraging people around me to get fit.  I would love to take a group of people and challenge the BIGGEST LOSER folks! I know by just focusing on this diet we could put up big numbers like they do for a lot less than 6-8 hours a day of exercise!!  Maybe even beat them! I feel fantastic and have found the easiest way to lose those post pegnancy pounds as well as have the energy to chase my kids around! I just want to share it with all of you!

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