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Maintenance – Why I still Eat Soy!

There is probably more confusion on the earth now than ever before about what we should be eating!

High-protein, low-protein? High-Carb, Low-Carb? Healthy fats, low-fat?  3 Meals a day, or 6 small meals? Dairy vs. Non-Dairy……and of course, to eat soy or not to eat soy….

Hopefully you will be able to see where we stand on most of these issues by browsing through our site or reading our recommended books.

When I find myself confused about a topic I generally go straight to the Doctors/Authors that I trust the most :

This is no different for the topic of soy.  Search out what the experts say….or I can summarize it for you 🙂

To me soy is like a potato.  In my classes people will often ask if potatoes are good for you.  The answers is always “How are you eating them?”  Potatoes in their whole natural form are a HEALTH food, but often how we prepare them becomes the culprit (giving these superfoods a bad rap).

Soy falls into that same category….“How are you eating it?”

There seems to be a lot of confusion about soy in particular.  Here are the soy products that I consume without worries.  These are minimally processed and many studies tout them as HEALTH foods.  So not only are they NOT bad, they can actually help IMPROVE your health

Here are the products that I generally avoid.  This is because these are highly processed foods and not whole foods.  These are the culprits (like the french fries and potato chips).  We already know that we should be avoiding processed foods.

Want to know that the experts say?






On Dr. Fuhrman’s by John Robbins


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