Newbie – Water Water Water!

We always here drink more water! This is especially important in the hot summer months. I personally LOVE water, just plain old refreshing water, but I often get complaints or a shocking, “wow” when I tell people that is all I drink. They complain that it’s boring or so hard to get enough. How do we know how much is enough? I have heard many good water consumptions rules but my favorite two are; drink 8 8ounce glasses daily or drink half your body weight in ounces, for example if you weigh 120 lbs you would need to drink 60 ounces of water daily. I am still not sure which is best, but in general we all should be drinking more water. I like to increase my water intake when it’s hot out! 

If you are one of those who gets bored with plain old water, I have a fun tip for you. I love adding lemons, cucumbers, and mint leaves to my water. I saw this done at a hotel I stayed in a few months ago. I have since seen similar ideas circulate online.  It is also fun to experiment with different berries, you could add strawberries and lemons or raspberries and limes. 

I like to wash and chop the fruit and add it to my glass jars full of water. I prepare them at night so they I can leave them in the fridge overnight. Then I get to sip on them all say. The water tastes like a trip to the spa, so cool and refreshing, not to mention the alkalizing and detoxing effect it has on the body~ bonuses everywhere! My kids even love the flavored water, it helps them to consume more water as well. Take a pass on summer sugary drinks and mix up your own flavored water!

Summer Water

1/2 english cucumber sliced

1/2 lemon sliced, I leave the peel on if organic

5-8 mint leaves *optional 

One 64 oz mason jar with lid

Add sliced lemons and cucumbers to mason jar, add mint leaves and fill with water. Cover with lid and store in fridge overnight or for about 4 hours before consuming. ENJOY!

Source: WFM 1-10

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