Newbie – Grill Time!

 It’s summer time and most people are gathering for fun BBQ’s and family time. I remember the adjustment phase when we switched to a plant-based diet… what do we bring and still look normal or not draw attention to our new lifestyle? My solution was bean burgers… they are hard not to notice which somehow spurs a small debate of health food and we gracefully would try not to offend those eating steak or hotdogs at the table. We have since tried to bringing large portabella mushrooms, they grill up just like a piece of meat and can be eaten on a hamburger bun to blend in with the family (or friends). At our last gathering we had friends eagerly waiting to taste a slice and they were all pleasantly surprised. No health food banter was necessary! I love when good food can speak for itself.  If you have been afraid to give it a try then you are just like me, it took me watching someone else do it before I dared. Let me tell you, it is easy and very hard to mess up. Give it a shot.

It is very simple, just remove the stem and drizzle with olive oil to help make it juicey when grilling, We like ours with just a little salt and pepper, and maybe a few other seasonings to help bring out the flavor. Just place it on the grill stem side up and wait until you see juices coming into the center or you can poke it with a fork, juice should leak out. 

The great thing about mushrooms is they can be consumed raw, so you don’t have to worry about under cooking them!

I have had them both ways; on a bun and just plain in the last month and have enjoyed every bite! I have to be honest only two of my kids are keen on the idea, but all I can ask is that they each try a bite or two when they are prepared. I know their tastebuds will soon appreciate this fine cuisine! 

Happy grilling!


Source: WFM 1-10

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