Veteran – Ten BEST and ten WORST foods

 I received this list from Dr. Joel Fuhrman a couple weeks ago and I LOVED IT!  You see these type of articles all the time on the internet, but you don’t always see them from such a quality source like Dr. Fuhrman.  Since I received these lists I have referred to them more than I thought I would.  In particular, the WORST FOOD list.  Now that it is summer for my children and they are around friends, and family and we are invited to summer parties and activities…this list has been a great tool to teach my children GOOD, BETTER, BEST when it comes to what to eat.

For example, at our last party we went to there was a plate of donuts along with a plate of oatmeal raisin cookies.  I had just talked to my children about donuts being the 3RD WORST FOOD ON THE PLANET!  My oldest son remembered that and decided to eat a cookie instead.  Of course I would have loved that he just sat by the veggie tray the rest of the party, but I was pleased that he chose the cookie over the donut!

If you look at the WORST list, it is easy to see that these foods are common in children’s diets.  I would dare say, some kids entire daily diets are made up of these.  It really opened my eyes  as well as my children’s eyes.  These lists are hanging on our board for them to remember what the BEST choices are and the WORST choices.

The full article is found HERE.


Ten Worst Foods

  • Full-fat Dairy (e.g. cheese, ice cream, butter, whole milk)
  • Trans Fat Containing Foods (e.g. stick margarine, shortening, fast foods, commercial baked goods)
  • Doughnuts
  • Sausage, Hot Dogs, and Luncheon Meats
  • Smoked Meat, Barbecued Meat and Conventionally-Raised Red Meat
  • Fried Foods including Potato Chips and French Fries
  • Highly-salted Foods
  • Soda
  • Refined White Sugar
  • Refined White Flour

Source: WFM 1-10

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