Newbie – Memorial Day

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial weekend. I hope you had a chance to reflect on life and feel grateful for the loved ones lost and the ones still close by. I had the chance to spend the holiday weekend camping out in our back yard with the kiddos and spending quality really reflecting on the joy they bring me. Sometimes I am strange, well all the time really, but only sometimes do I own up to that fact. As my four daughters were falling asleep in the tent, it was still light enough for me to see their sweet peaceful faces. I sat in a yogi meditation pose to just relax and try to be present. After a moment, I heard a little giggle and opened my eyes to see four sets of eyes peering at me through squinted eyes wondering what in the world I might be doing… I stayed focused, with a little grin,  and reminded them to close their eyes and sleep (it was late).  Before I closed my eyes again, I stared at each one of my children and really focused on them and what I love about them. I am not going to lie and say this is my nightly routine, I am not good at sitting still and being present, it’s a never ending work in progress for me!  As I took this time to really be aware, I was overcome with emotion and gratitude for the gift that each child is to me. What a gift we have to be here on the earth in a family, surrounded by people who love us and we love back. I often forget to remember that! I am so happy that I had the extra day this weekend to take the time to reflect on life and really live in the moment. If you haven’t taken the time to recognize the people around you, I highly recommend taking 5-10 minutes and just thinking of each of them, reflecting on the gift they are to you. This memorial weekend is dedicated to help us pause and remember those who came before and provided us with the great life we now live, I would also add that those around you who make life beautiful. 

That moment this weekend helped me see my family differently, it helped me to be a little more patient, a little more loving, a little more open. I often rush though everyday tasks, keeping a tight schedule, running errands, and shuttling kids from place to place.   I would love to say that because of those 5 minutes I took last night that I am a changed mommy, but I know that would not be true. What I can say, however, is that I will take more of those moments, reflecting on what matters most. Enjoying my family, my life. My hope is that you will do the same.

In honor of this Memorial Day weekend I made fruit kabobs to take to a bbq party. Super simple and perfect for any summer party!

I will spare you the recipe and hope that the pic makes it obvious, the only thing that is not obvious it the fresh squeezed lemon juice over the kabobs to keep the bananas from turning brown.

Happy Summer! (soon)


Source: WFM 1-10

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