Maintenance – 5 Ways to Eat More Greens

 I have not been eating very well this week and boy can I feel it.  I feel groggy, lethargic and worst of all like there is a fog over my brain.  The quickest way for me to get back to feeling great is to make sure I eat something green everyday (and no, starbursts and skittles don’t count!)

So here are 5 Easy Ways to Eat More Greens!


1 -Green Smoothie

I love that more and more people have become smoothie lovers!  This is such a quick and easy way to get the greens it.  I rotate through quite a few favorites but when I am feeling kind of yucky this is my go to smoothie:


I very large handful of spinach

1 very large handful of kale

1/2 English Cucumber

1 banana

juice from 1/2 lemon

a small handful of cilantro

Ice cubes and water


2 -Simply Steamed

This is a quick and easy way to get the nutrients I need.  You can read more about it here.  I love to add balsamic vinegar and sea salt to a big plate of steamed kale.


3 -In a Jar on the Go

Newbie Mommy introduced me to this idea of throwing my salad into a Mason Jar when I need to head out the door (or more likely when I know I will be in the car most of the day driving kids around and running errands).  I make my worst food choices when I haven’t planned ahead (and then get hungry!!).  This is a great little trick that you can read more about here.


4 -In a favorite dish

I must say that I LOVE LOVE sweet potatoes, and truthfully I have come to really love steamed kale (still won’t seeing me munching on the raw stuff).  My absolute favorite dish with kale is THIS recipe. (I usually top this with some black beans too!)



5 -In a soup

The one saving grace about Winter is all of the warm and yummy soups.  I love soup but tend to not make them very often once Spring and Summer hit.

They are so easy to make and all you really need is a good broth and lots of veggies.  This is another wonderful way to get in lots of greens.  Almost every soup I can think of would taste delicious with some added kale, broccoli, or asparagus thrown in.  We have an incredible recipe book with lots of amazing soups that you can see here.  This is also a wonderful vegetable soup recipethat you could easily throw a whole head of kale into!



Source: WFM 1-10

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