Veteran – Ode to the CUCUMBER

As many of my friends know…I love ENGLISH CUCUMBERS!

And I eat them how I believe everyone should eat them, Like an apple- PEAL AND ALL.

On most days I usually have a long green cucumber in my purse, and when I’m hungry- I whip it out and enjoy a healthy GREEN snack.

Even though this snack has become so normal for me…I still get surprised when people make comments about how WEIRD it looks.  I look back at all the different places I have eaten of it’s goodness and it brings a smile to my face.

Here is me eating my favorite GREEN snack at an event WHOLE FOOD MOMMIES participated in.  We were just setting up- and I whipped it out.  Newbie Mommy took this picture to capture the moment 🙂

I was at my local children’s museum the other day and me and my children were feeling hungry.  We went into a corner and  I whipped out my trusted cucumber and we all start munching on it’s goodness.  Surprised that anyone noticed us in the corner…Within ten minutes, 3 different Mom’s made comments on our little “cucumber show”.  I think they were shocked at how my children were slightly fighting over the long green vegetable (it’s because they were hungry- HUNGER is the BEST helper for kids and veggies!), as well as surprised how we were eating it.  I had to laugh at the whole thing.  I asked myself…”IS THIS WEIRD?”  The answer was…Of course…but who cares!  My kids are eating a vegetable…so I am happy!

I love ENGLISH cucumbers because of their sweeter taste and their thin SKIN.  We go through a lot of these in our household.  I know they aren’t the most nutrient dense vegetable…but they are vegetable and my kids eat it.  So I feel the JOY!!!

With the help of my oldest daughter (and a few different websites, Jerome Niemi)


We dedicate this POEM to all the cucumbers out there that have brought my family and I so much JOY!

ODE to the Cucumber

Cucumbers are GREEN and I love to be SEEN…

Eating a Cucumber, that is long and green.

Green is the BEST color, as you should know…

Green helps you body and your skin to glow.

Cucumbers when ripe are tangy and delicious,

And without a doubt, they are very nutritious.

They have Vitamin C and also five types of B,

Iron, Zinc, and Potassium, to give you energy.

So if you are hungry, WHEREVER you might be,

Eat a CUCUMBER and you will see,

Just how GREEN and YUMMY they can be!

Source: WFM 1-10

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