Veteran – The GREAT Grapefruit!


Grapefruits were a rare treat in my home growing up.  I remember my father loving the fruit, but not having it in our home very often.  And when we did have it in our home, my father was the lucky one that actually got to eat them.

But I remember there were definitely some occasions when I was able to consume this delicious fruit.  I think the main reason I remember it so well is because of how I actually ate it.  Even though I was probably 8 years old at the time, I still had my mother feed it to me.  If I ever tried to feed it to myself, I would never get all of the fruit that I desired and I felt like I was wasting it.


I remember sitting at the table and opening and closing my mouth as my mother spoon fed me this favorite fruit of mine.  I still remember that she never went fast enough and the fruit seemed to disappear way too quickly.


Now that I am a mother myself- I am able to experience the other side of this experience.  I have 3 children that currently LOVE LOVE LOVE grapefruits! (My 4th child has just started eating solids this past week- so no grapefruits yet).


Being that my life is crazy busy most days…having grapefruits in my home gives me a chance to PAUSE and sit with each one of my children (EVEN MY 8 YEAR OLD!) and feed them grapefruits.  I enjoy these moments and there are times where they are the highlight of my day.   It is a time where I can look at each one of my children in the eye (which to me is extremely important to me) and not only personally put a nutritious piece of food in their mouth, but I get to be with them…one on one.  I get to concentrate on them…which for me if a form of LOVE.


My littlest girl likes to call them GREAT FRUITS…as she asks me “Mom- why are these fruits called GREAT?”

I respond with a question “What do you think?  Do you think they are great?”

She looks at me and says- with a mouthful of grapefruit…”I think you are great!”

Oh- the joys of motherhood!

Life is good!

Source: WFM 1-10

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