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Believe in and love yourself as the real you.

With a rock-star lineup of presenters, everyday women and moms who live, eat, and breathe – just like you. 

Who also just happen to live as Strong Women who Strengthen the World.  They each are passionate about helping other women become their best selves. 

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Find Myself Fit founders Janell Youngberg and Jen Teemant are sisters who have both been personal trainers for over 17 years.  They each have a passion for fitness and nutrition.  Janell and Jen have each discovered through working with clients, and dealing with personal injuries that there is much more to fitness than counting calories and running more laps.



Janell Youngberg is passionate about health and fitness and love to see women accept and love themselves as beautiful, powerful, unique individuals! Her favorite and most challenging job is being a mom of 3 busy kids, &  loves spending time with them and her husband. She enjoys spending time outdoors, learning and trying new things!


Jen Teemant is a personal trainer, former athlete and mom of 5 kids.  Jen has been involved in athletics her entire life as she participated in a variety of sports in track and field, soccer and volleyball. Jen competed in track and field as an elite high jumper and 800 meter runner at Weber State University.  She was able to train with and compete against Olympic caliber athletes and coaches.  After her own running career,  Jen worked at Long Beach State University and Brigham Young University with their track and field programs. Jen loves spending time with her family, playing volleyball and doing outdoor activities.



 Loni Cobb of  Whole Foods Mommies  is a wife and mother to four beautiful daughters. She loves running, cooking, and practicing yoga.  Loni helped create in July 2009 with two other Mommies. In January 2012, she received her certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University.  From Loni, “I have been helping people improve their diet for several years and enjoy hearing about the exciting changes that they are making. I love teaching about the benefits of eating properly and sharing how to cook and create healthy meals that their family will love.”



Amy Walker is the President and founder of A Celebration of Real Beauty.  The organization hosts large scale community education events with the goal of promoting healthy self-image in women of all ages.   Amy is a Wife, Mother, Trainer and Mentor.  She wears many hats and understands the value of balance.  Amy recognizes that women are at the heart of every strong society.  Her mission is to assist women in valuing themselves so they can create the strength they need to fulfill their many demands.


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