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Veteran – My PICKY eater

So I have a picky eater…he is my oldest boy (almost 6 years old)…and he has turned into my

“Can I have cereal for every meal of the day” boy.

There are days where I search my pantry, refrigerator and recipe books for something he will eat.  And to tell you the truth, he hasn’t had a huge appetite, so it hasn’t been too difficult, until just recently. It must be a growth spurt 🙂

Needless to say, the last few weeks have been hard trying to feed him healthy and keep him full.  There were times I gave in and let him have 2 bowls of cereal in a day- just so he wasn’t hungry.

Well- I decided something needs to change.  So unfortunately for him, I began to say his least favorite word more often…”NO”.  When he was hungry and wanted more of a snack item (like cereal) to fill his belly, I would kindly say NO…then give him at least 3 other healthy options.  He would say NO to all 3 and would begin to complain about being hungry.

There was a night early in the week where he decided to go to bed hungry.  He didn’t want to eat my dinner (Hawaiian Haystacks- which is fabulous) and didn’t want a fruit smoothie so he didn’t eat anything.


The next day- HE ATE EVERY HEALTHY THING I GAVE HIM…without complaint.

For dinner, he ate a huge portion of green beans, cut up cucumber, grapes and a bean burritos.


His words when he cleaned his plant:

“Mom- I am so full, I wouldn’t even want dessert if you offered”.


So, for some of my children…HUNGER can actually be a good thing!

much love,

Veteran Mommy


Source: WFM 1-10

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