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    It is getting cold outside! We had several days of snow and now it’s only 29 degrees outside! This time of year I am always looking forward to the Holidays with family and friends, but something in me wants to start planning a springtime vacation! I know by March I will have enjoyed the snow for long enough and be ready for some warm sunshine! Now that we eat differently, finding balance on vacation usually takes some work to plan around eating healthy clean meals and being able to just relax and enjoy yourself, right? 

I have found a solution to take all the guesswork out of trying to find vegan-friendly restaurants on your sunny vacation! Have you ever heard of Holistic Holiday at Sea? I am so excited to share this cruise info with you. Some of my personal hero’s will be there in March 2013 ! Dr Campbell, Dr. Esselstyn and his wife, as well as wait for it… one of our favorites…. Dr Barnard!! That’s just a small portion of the amazing presenters that you will be able to learn from while enjoying a truly healthy cuisine and soaking up the sights Mexico, Honduras, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica! Sounds to good to be true doesn’t it? I was overjoyed when I first found out about this company. A dream vacation!!

I’m dropping some heavy hints to Santa this year, hope to see you all there!!! When you register, let them know Whole Food Mommies sent you!!


Ship in Port

Info about the cruise:

With its 10th year, the Holistic Holiday at Sea vegan cruise provides in-depth lessons and experiences for guests who are living or are interested in learning more about a vegan lifestyle. While on-board, guests will dine on quality vegan and macrobiotic food prepared under the guidance of distinguished chefs. Throughout the day the ship’s public spaces are transformed into a floating classroom offering 140 classes, lectures, workshops and consultations from 40 highly qualified presenters including doctors, academics, authors, research scientists and celebrities.

Holistic Holiday at Sea provides unique access to life changing educational, social, and spiritual experiences. From cooking effectively for a vegan or macrobiotic lifestyle, to daily meditation practices, and even how to become more socially and politically active in the local community,this cruise allows for the broadening of one’s knowledge.

Guests can choose from a wide range of alternative health experiences beyond veganism including classes on macrobiotics, meditation, yoga and Pilates, as well as individual consultations and treatments. One of the most electrifying and rewarding aspects of the cruise is the deep personal connections made with other like-minded individuals in the vegan and macrobiotic community. People from all walks of life enjoy the social entertainment including dance parties, evening socials, special musical performances and the popular singles events.Holistic Holiday at Sea is truly ‘a community at sea, an island of friends.’

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Doesn’t that look amazing? Check out some of the details on their site, please let them know Whole Food Mommies sent you!!

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