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I hope everyone had a fun Halloween last night!  I am not big fan of this holiday- but my children sure love it!  We did go trick-or-treating last night and enjoyed seeing all my neighbors and friends.  My little 3 year old’s favorite part was knocking on everyone’s door and just saying “HI”…forgetting about the receiving any candy and walking away.  It was precious!


I really only have one child that is a CANDY EATER- when sugar is in the house, she is thinking about it.  I sometimes wonder if she is like this because I didn’t let her have any white sugar until she was almost three.  But either way, she is who she is…and I don’t want to make her feel she is “wrong” in any way.  Luckily, this child and the rest of my children also LOVE gifts.  This year they will purchase a fun gift from me with their candy that they received.  And I am a mother that doesn’t mind throwing it all away.  This is the beginning of CANDY season anyways…unfortunately more is coming their way.


As I was walking through the grocery store yesterday, a thought came to me.  First of all, I am going to CONFESS here…this thought came to me as I was holding a pint of COW’s MILK.  It is my sister-in-law’s (who is like my mother-in-law to me) tradition to make BROCCOLI CHEESE soup for Halloween night.  Of course- I make other healthy options, but this year I needed to help buy some of her ingredients.  So here I am, in the dairy section picking up a container of milk…and I thought:


     In the very rare occasions you buy cow’s milk- you feel embarrassed taking it off the shelf and you immediately hide it in your cart.

And that is exactly what I did- without even thinking.  I laughed out loud at myself.

Then I decided to not let any “worry” or “embarrassment” affect me, so I uncovered this milk from a cow and placed it where everyone could see it.  And you know the craziest part of this story?  Nobody even noticed or said anything to me! HA!

Only a Whole Food Mommy would get this…so thanks for letting me share 🙂

Much love!

Veteran Mommy


Source: WFM 1-10

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