Maintenance – Do you Meditate?

Life has been CRAZY for me for the last few months!

There have been some major changes – some expected, others unexpected.  I have been more emotional over the last few months than probably at any other time in my life.  With selling a house, moving, a tragic suicide in the family, and taking in a couple of extra kids temporarily….I have been QUITE emotional…and stressed!

I could slowly feel  an imbalance within myself creeping up.  It’s hard to describe (especially because I am usually not too stressed out), but there was a constant tension that seems to go down to my very cells. My healthful eating seemed to be one of the first things to go…which only added to the stress of my body.

I did yoga yesterday for the first time in over 6 months (there was a time when I was doing it 3-4 times a week!).  It felt great and I could tell the calmness of the class was exactly what I needed.  I feel like I have been running on empty for awhile; it was a nice reprieve.

The interesting thing is that I don’t think I am the only one!  So many important people in my life seem to be going through their own set of trials and challenges.

I am a very spiritual person and I have found that prayer and scripture study have been my life preservers throughout my life. I always find that when I can take the time to make them a central focus of my life, somehow my stresses seem so much more manageable.   The key point is actually taking the time :)!

I came across this 21-Day Challenge today and thought it would be the perfect thing to force me to take a little time each day to just BREATHE! I’ll admit that meditation is definitely NOT my forte and I’m not exactly sure what to expect from this challenge.  I guess I figure even if I learn to do just a little more calming, mindfulness throughout the day that I will benefit from it!  So check it out!

Source: WFM 1-10

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