Newbie – A little wake up call for me!

 Sometimes I take my health for granted, in fact I think that is something we all do from time to time. We pay for our health insurance just in case something major to happens and we get on our merry way. 

   I had the opportunity to attend an event and talk with a few experts at PCRM. It rocked my world just a little. I talked about my cancer gene (BRCA1) and asked questions with a big grin, feeling overly confident in my current eating habits. I was taken back by the response. They of course praised my lifestyle change, encouraged me to continue, and reminded of all the scientific evidence that backs my current path. Then that comment ” …BUT, there is no guarantee….” I instantly remembered my chat with Dr T Colin Campbell, when he said something very similar. It just popped my bubble and knocked me off my high horse. Reality is, I still have this gene and I don’t eat perfect everyday. It was a good wake up call for me to get back in gear and really take a look at what healthy eating is for me, how it can, and will keep me healthy if I do it properly. I feel like I have been more vegan than plant-based lately, that is where I falter. Being vegan is easy, eating plants and greens at every meal takes effort and planning when you have a family. I somehow how forgot and I am grateful for those little moments that sort of scare me back into reality. I know not all our readers have a predisposed condition, but we are all susceptible  to different diseases or conditions. We have the power to take charge and control most of the factors that will effect our future health. For now, that is what gives me hope and power to move forward everyday. 

I am constantly striving for better. My inspiration comes from all around me, but the one person that gives me the most hope for health is Kris Carr! She has taken control of her health, she is almost 10 years living with cancer that was suppose to take her life. She lives vibrantly each day and accomplishes more than most people I know. I had the chance to hear her speak and  have an intimate dinner with her and Maintenance Mommy last year. She is a walking inspiration, she motivated us to share our site with everyone and spread the love. For those of you that don’t know her, she is a big juicer. She has a green juice every day keeping her body as close to an alkaline state as possible. Disease/Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. On the other hand disease THRIVES in an acidic environment. We get to choose the foods we eat which affect the alkalinity or acidity in our bodies. We know that plants, especially green ones have an extremely alkalizing affect. 

My plan and one that I highly recommend to you whether you have a health condition or not, daily JUICE!  I am not talking fruit juice from the grocery store. Genuine home made green veggie juice is the key! 

My morning recipe:

1 bunch of kale, stem removed for easier juicing

4 large carrots

3 large celery sticks

1 lemon, remove peel if its not organic

1/2 bunch parsley

1/2 inch piece of fresh ginger root, start with a small chunk and add more if desired, it has a very strong flavor and can ruin the flavor.

1 large cucumber

Place in your juicer in the order listed for best results, feel free to add more veggies, try to stay away from fruit (a small tart green apple if needed). Its always best to have your cucumber last to push through all the juice. 

Sip slowly and enjoy! (chew it if you can!)

Source: WFM 1-10

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