Veteran – Perfect Summer Dinner

First of all…doesn’t this dinner look yummy?  It’s an easy idea for a summer dinner.  This is what I craved during the end of my pregnancy- so we had it at least once a week.  I think my kids are addicted to fresh corn-on-the-cobb…no complaints here!  You can use sweet potatoes (check out our recipe here) and any type of salad.  I try to have a mixture of romaine and dark leafy greens (chopped small) always in my fridge. I love how quick and easy it is- and how much my kids love it! 

And just for fun…here are 3 things you may not know about me (Veteran Mommy):

1.  I LOVE Michael Jackson!  Ok…“love” might be too strong of a word for me…but not for a secret friend of mine.  I found this anonymous gift on my front door a week or so ago.  Ok- I admit that I enjoy a good MJ song to get me going.  I have been known to have spontaneous MJ dance parties in my kitchen with my children…but Michael Jackson as a person…not so much LOVE going on there.  So whoever you are…thank you for this GIFT- it puts a smile on my face every time I see it (and maybe a moonwalk for my feet- ha ha!)


2.  Staying on the LOVE subject…I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my little newborn baby!  I had my fourth child 2 weeks ago tomorrow.  Not knowing the gender beforehand, we had a very special moment when we met our son for the first time.  He weighed 9 lbs 13 oz (our biggest baby yet), I had him natural with not a single tear (sorry if that is “too much info”).  He is a happy healthy baby and I can’t stop holding him 🙂  I am excited to begin posting blogs on baby food…which is where I began my whole food plant based journey…when I had my first child and didn’t know what to feed her.  Now I know…and I am excited to share!

3.  And finally, the last item you may not know about me…I DO NOT LOVE writing blogs.  I try to write once a week…and I haven’t been enjoying it at all lately.  As I am trying to figure out why…I thought I first need to admit that I don’t like it at all (I would say HATE, but that is a “naughty” word in our home).  Do I feel inadequate?  Do I feel…”who am I?  And why would people want to hear from me?”.  Or is blogging a WEAKNESS of mine that makes me feel this way?  Either way- as I thought about my dislike of writing, one of my favorite quotes came to mind:

“Giving us weakness, is one of God’s ways to get our attention.  Our weaknesses merely point out where God EXPECTS us to excel.”
Hartman Rector, Jr

So all your WHOLE FOOD MOMMIES out there…I don’t want to DISLIKE writing anymore- I want to enjoy it- maybe even EXCEL at it?  So bare with me- I’m going to get more personal and be more REAL.  And as my Michael would say (and being as cheesy as ever!!!) “If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change”.

much love!

Veteran Mommy

Source: WFM 1-10

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