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  I just had the pleasure of attending PCRM’s Food for Life Seminar yesterday! It was so fabulous to sit in a room with about 60 other like minded individuals and learn from the source. Dr Neal Barnard was wonderful and so personable. He even cracked a few jokes and made us all laugh.

There was a lecture by Susan Levin, MS, RD “Nutrition and kids” that got to me fired up!  I wanted to share a couple of stats she showed us.

– Over the past three decades childhood OBESITY rates in America have tripled. (not overweight, but OBESE children!)

-One in every three children in the United States is overweight or obese


 If this is new news for you, I will give you a moment to pause and think about this. If these stats continue on the same path then who will be around to lead the country in 50- 60-70 years? We will have a nation full of very ill people all needing assistance. 


 Its really time we stop and take action! We need to see a change. I have spent the last couple of weeks traveling across our country and enjoying historical sites and war memorials. I have been overwhelmed and deeply touched by the efforts that were made to make our country what it is today. But the one thing that really stood out to me when watching the videos at the Capitol Building and Gettysburg was seing the conviction and desire to stand up for what they knew was right and not back down. I am not suggesting putting your life on the line, but if you are a mother who has children eating school lunches, it is time we demand better. Let our voices be heard. Ask for better or make your own from home. 

 It makes me feel awful when I see a child that is overweight or obese and they feel uncomfortable in their own skin. It is not right! Exercise is not the answer, it is nutrition. There have been studies published proving that exercise does very little on its own or even at all when compared to diet. You can run your heart out on a treadmill for an hour and only burn a few hundred calories that are easily consumed in that after workout soda or candy bar. Our children are fighting a losing battle and we are sending them to war with the wrong “weapons”.  There is no way they can be healthy or expect lose weight when cheese pizza and chicken nuggets with fries are daily options.  We need to take the time to educate our children and make an effort in our communities to share what we know.

When we know better we do better!

Love and Education,


PS. If you are not familiar with PCRM or the Food For Life program I urge you to take a look at their site. Find a local instructor in your area or BECOME one! 

Source: WFM 1-10

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