Breakfast Waffle Trifle (and it's Gluten-Free!)


  • I was in the mood to have breakfast for dinner.  But I still wanted to make sure it was a healthy meal (and not just a bunch of syrup poured on processed pancakes).  So I decided to create this yummy breakfast trifle.  Needless to say my kids loved it! 

    The recipe is quite simple.  To begin, start to make a batch of our delicious waffles.  This could be done earlier if you want because I had to put the waffles in the fridge to cool them down.  I didn’t want them to be too warm in the trifle.  I also made 2 batches of the waffles because I have a family of 6.  You could probably get away with just one batch for a smaller family.


    Whole Grain Blender Waffles


    2 cups water
    4-8 dates chopped or 1 TBS concentrated apple juice
    1 cup quick oats

    ¼ cup millet or cornmeal
    ¼ cup flaxeed
    ¼ cup raw cashew nuts
    1 TBS cornstarch
    ½ tsp salt

    Preheat waffle iron (Belgium Waffle iron works great). Blend all ingredients for 1 minute or until smooth (high powered blender is needed i.e. Vita-mix).  Pour mixture into preheated waffle iron and close the lid.  Bake until steam stops rising and the waffle is golden brown and crisp (anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes).  

    While the waffles are cooking begin preparing the "Whipped Cream".



    "Whipped Cream" Topping


    1/2 cup  soy milk

    1/3 cup pure maple syrup

    12-14 oz Silken Tofu, drained

    1 tsp of pure vanilla extract (I just used the Costco brand)

    OPTIONAL: 2 TBS of "Ultra Gel" – I added this as a thickener, but don’t worry if you don’t have any, it won’t change the taste. (I bought mine at a local Bosch Store).

    Blend all ingredients in a high-powered blender or food processor until smooth.



    Begin assembling the trifle by ripping pieces of the waffle to create the first "layer" in your bowl.  Spread a portion of the whipped cream topping over the waffle pieces (I did a third of the topping because I wanted 3 layers).  Then top that layer with fresh or frozen (and thawed) fruit of your choice.  I used strawberries and of course mangoes (because they are my favorite).  Simply repeat these same steps until you have filled your dish.

Source: WFM Recipes

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