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Veteran – Dr. Joel Fuhrman on Dr. Oz

Dr. Joel Fuhrman will be appearing on The Dr. Oz Show sometime this month!

The taping is being held on Friday, May 18th- so plan to keep an eye out for when the show will be broadcast.  We will for sure let you know.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman wrote my favorite HEALTH book for children called:  DISEASE PROOF YOUR CHILD.

This book single handedly changed the way I feed my children for the BETTER.    It is a book that we Whole Food Mommies recommend to every mother out there wanting to feed their children the best.  We recommend it to Mother’s who are just starting to dive into the world of plant-based nutrition as well as Mother’s who have eaten this way for years.  It is an incredible reference to the WHY and the HOW of children’s nutrition.

We also recommend Joel’s other books:



and his newest book:  SUPER IMMUNITY 

Make sure to watch Joel on the Dr. Oz show!  He will be talking about women and weight-loss with many success stories.

Much love!

Whole Food Mommies


Source: WFM 1-10

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