Maintenance – Increase Your Exercise Intensity

We don’t talk about working out very often on our site, but all 3 of us firmly believe that one very important element to optimal health is regular exercise.

I went to bed last night determined to wake up early and go for my first outdoor run of the season.  I had a goal to run 3 miles up a local canyon and then run 3 miles back down 🙂

Well, I am a fair-weather runner (and I use the term “runner” very loosely), and when I woke up to a chilly and overcast morning I quickly changed my mind about running outside.  So I decided to head to the gym and try to create a run somewhat similar to what I had planned.  It was a great workout and I thought I would share it.  Just a note – I am the kind of “runner” that listens to music, reads the subtitles on the TV at the gym, watches people and sometimes reads – all to keep from getting bored.  I have also learned that changing the setting on my treadmill every minute helps tremendously too :)!

First 2 minutes: Brisk walk to get warmed up.  Incline 2.0 Speed 4.0

Minute 3: Incline 2.0 Speed 6.0

Minute 4: Inline 3.0 Speed 6.0

Minute 5: Incline 4.0 Speed 6.0

Minute 6: Incline 5.0 Speed 6.0

Minute 7: Incline back down to 2.0 and repeat the pattern. 

Continue these interval changes for the first 3 miles. 

Once you have reached mile 3 you will begin your “descent”.

Set your incline to 1.0 and increase your speed to 6.5.

After you have finished your 4th mile, change your incline to 0.0 and increase your speed to 7.0

By mile 5 I was beginning to get a little bored to I started to change my speed every minute (6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5 and then back to 6.0 again).

Also, if your treadmill has the decline option you could set it to a -1.0 (mine didn’t so I left it at 0.0)

Anyway, it was a great workout and having the 6 mile goal from the get go gave me the motivation I needed.

This workout could easily be adapted to your own fitness level.  In fact you could adjust it for walking also.  Just remember that when you are at your toughest incline/speed (like in Minute 6 for example) you really want to be pushing yourself.  You should be anxiously awaiting the interval change!

So this week make a goal to challenge yourself just a little bit more in your workouts!  Your health will be better off and you will be teaching your children the importance of exercise!

<3 Maintenance Mommy

Source: WFM 1-10

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