Newbie – Get the kids involved! (it really works!)

       I am always telling moms to get their kids in the kitchen! I know it sounds easier than it is. You have to be willing to take a little (or a lot) longer than usual to create a dish, but it is time well spent.  I wanted to share a photo I snapped of my kiddos helping make dinner the other night. It was raining so we were making some  Wild Rice and Mushroom soup.  My kids will always gobble up this soup, but for some reason they love to whine about the mushrooms. I decided to get them involved in the mushroom chopping. First, I must mention, I had recently purchased each of my girls their own “kid friendly knife” They are made of nylon and harmless. I set them each up with a station and a handful of mushrooms. They went to town chopping while I gathered and prepared the rest of the ingredients. I had to put on my “patience pants” for one of my 3 year old twins, who took a VERY very long time chopping. They were so proud of their work and when they tried to whine about the mushrooms in the soup, I reminded them what a great job they did chopping and now they get to taste their work. They were more excited about helping and forgot to complain! It was fabulous!

I recommend getting the kids involved even with simple tasks. When they put in the work, they are more likely to give it a try!!

Aren’t they sweet! They were concentrating so hard! You can see which twin had trouble… well she is perfectionist like her mama! (oops!)

Source: WFM 1-10

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