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I am just about 19 weeks along with my 4th pregnancy- and overall I am feeling great!  My extreme hunger has subsided and I am not as tired…life is good!  I believe one of the reasons I am feeling so good during my pregnancy has to do with a REMEDY that I try to take daily.  I have to share this easy tool that has helped me so much during this beautiful time of being a mother.

First of all…a REMEDY is anything that cures, relieves or heals.  I love learning about all types of remedies.  Remedies for the body as well as the spirit.  This remedy I am sharing with you today is one of my all time favorites for the body, especially a FEMALE BODY.  And it’s not just a healing tool for pregnancy only…is helps woman in all phases of their life.

As a woman, do you ever experience negative side-effects during your monthly cycle?

When you are pregnant, does your mood change drastically?

Here is an essential remedy for all women who would like to feel better & act better during their monthly cycle as well as during their pregnancies:

(drum roll please)


Yes…an herbal tea.  One you can find in most grocery stores.  Just make sure that the only ingredient is red raspberry leaves.  To those of you who have never tried this tea, don’t be fooled by the name.  It tastes nothing like a nice juicy raspberry, it actually has a bitter taste…but once you hear about all of the medicinal qualities this little leaf has- hopefully you can dismiss it’s flavor and enjoy it for the health of it 🙂 

Red Raspberry Leaf tea is a highly effective remedy for female menstrual symptoms and problems.  Drinking it before and during your menstrual cycle can decrease many of the common monthly side effects.  It aslo can naturally decrease the menstrual flow.  The first time I drank this tea during a cycle, it ended 3 days earlier than normal.  And for those of you who do not experience an actual cycle, this still helps relieve your symptoms during this time.  This tea sooths and tones the stomach and bowels.  AND it helps the body produce the correct amounts of hormones and estrogen.

This tea helps teens going through puberty.  It is wise to have your teenagers consume a cup or more of the tea at least 3 days a week.


Because hormones and estrogen levels are a key factor in a healthy pregnancy, this tea is extremely important for the reproductive organs to function properly. 

This tea helps prevent miscarriage and hemorrhage by toning the uterus.  Drinking this tea will quiet inappropriate premature pains and will produce a safe, speedy and easy delivery. Raspberry leaves stimulate, tone and regulate (both the leaves and fruit are high in citrate of iron which is the active alterative, blood-making, astringent and contractive agent for the reproductive area) before and during childbearing, assisting contractions and checking hemorrhage during labor, relieving after-pains, then strengthening, cleansing and enriching the milk of the mother in the post-delivery period.


To help reduce negative symptoms during your monthly cycle, apply the following steps:

  1. Three days before your cycle should start, begin drinking at least one cup of Red Raspberry Leaf tea per day.
  2. During your cycle, drink a cup of tea morning and evening.
  3. Continue drinking two cups of tea a day until your cycle is complete.

For pregnancy- I drink at least a cup a day.  It is how I start out my morning.  I used this remedy with my last pregnancy and my labor and delivery was the quickest as well as the recovering.

Give it a try!  I notice my mood improves as I drink it consistently.  Also- my youngest loves the stuff…which makes Mommy happy!

Hope you enjoy!

Life is good!


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