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About this time of the year I start to REALLY miss all of the fun Farmer’s Markets that are around here during the summer and fall.

I went up to Calgary, Alberta (I am originally from Canada) last week to visit my sister and she took me to the COOLEST Farmer’s Market ever!!!  I am still on my detox (which I promise I will write about soon) and part of me was in heaven while the other part was in hell!

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of the pictures with you guys.  The vendors were so incredibly friendly and everyone was offering free samples of everything.  I am super picky when it comes to apples and I thought it was so brilliant to have samples out of all the different kinds of fruit to try.


I was also blown away by how many gluten free things there were.  There was an entire bakery section of gluten-free goodies.  I have recently discovered that I have a sensitivity to wheat and my mouth was watering looking at all of the options.

And last but not least….oh the bakeries!!! 

This is the awful baker, Dave (owner of Yum Bakery) who kept offering me and my sisters samples of french pastries.  You can see the open container of French Macarons to his right.  I didn’t go home empty handed, I brought home a sweet treat for my honey.

Anyway, it was such a great place and it made me sad that we don’t have anything like it here in Utah.  I LOVE LOVE markets, and groceries stores etc, and I love to visit them in other cities.  So if you have a cool place like this where you live…DO TELL!  Who knows, we 3 mommies just might make a road trip to see it.  Which brings me to my last few photos.

While I went to Calgary I went to Canadian Superstore, which is a huge store that is very inexpensive.  The closest thing we have here would be a Super Wal-mart or Winco.  I wanted to check out their non-dairy selection and I was completely astounding by what I found.  Most groceries stores here have just a tiny selection to choose from and you generally have to go to an expensive health food store to get a really good variety.  Well at this store they had an entire aisle!  Unbelievable.  Even their freezer section had a plethora of non-dairy goodies to choose from.

And last but not least, I of course had to check out the bulk section.  I moved to Utah to go to school when I was 18 to go to school and I vividly remember my first time going to a grocery store here.  I searched around the store and I asked the clerk where the bulk section was.  They kindly directed me to a little corner of the store that had a small section of bulk candy.  I wanted to cry. I was so used to buying grains, and spices, and raisins and nuts, and pasta, and even cereal all in the bulk section.  There was such a variety and the prices were so affordable.  Anyway, I thought I would just take a small shot of it (keep in mind there were rows and rows of them)! Ahhh..the luxeries of home 🙂 Happy grocery shopping to you all!

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