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As I have started this new year…

I have made some goals on ways to increase the health of my FAMILY.  I am a working mother and there seems to be times (more than I would like) that dinners and lunches fall short because of my busy schedule.

This is a blog for you as well as a blog for me to help remind us of some HEALTHY and EASY recipes that will HELP your new year’s GOALS.


This is a super easy recipe that is completely RAW.  The KEY to this recipe is the ORANGE PEANUT DRESSING!  This is a great side dish for lunches as well as a healthy snack that I love to have in my fridge.  Because it is mostly made from cabbage, it lasts a long time.  Two out of my three children will eat this without complete…so it makes the cut 🙂  I’m hungry just thinking about it!


It’s been too long since I have made these- and I am very excited to get them back in my freezer.  I have a 2 year old that sometimes I wonder if she is getting enough healthy fat.  These bars a great way to give your children the healthy fat they need.  You make a big batch and store them in your freezer (they tend to fall apart more at room temperature).  You can add some chocoate chips or raisins…make it fun!  Have your children help too…it makes for a fun kitchen date 🙂


This is a great recipe to sneak in a TON OF VEGGIES!  This recipe is made with our cashew cream sauce which goes so well with vegetables and the whole wheat dough.  My meat eating family asks for this recipe…it’s that good!  And if you aren’t eating gluten…make it without the dough and serve it over a brown rice.


My mouth waters when I think about this soup. if you want to try something a little different and spice things up (this soup isn’t spicy by the way)…try Gypsi soup.  It uses turmeric and cinnamon along with sweet potatoes…so good! 

Potato with GREENS

There are endless possibilites for this recipe.  You can find our Sweet Potato Hash recipe here.  You can find our Potato Medley recipe here.  We also have our Kale Hashbrown recipe here.  All of these recipes combine the POTATO with DARK LEAFY GREENS and special flavors to make a mouth watering meal.  I love potatoes as well as my family…these are always a great dinner idea in my home.  And they are super easy!!!

I hope the recipe ideas have helped you…they have made me very hungry!  Now the problem is…which one should I make tonight?

Much love,

Veteran Mommy

Source: WFM 1-10

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