Newbie – A labor or LOVE!

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 Hello  fellow whole foodies! We have been working our tails off, I mean staying up until 2 in the morning,(I am a bed by 10pm kinda gal!) to bring you our new Market Place!!

It has been so much fun to put this part of our site together. We are always asked questions like where, how, and why do I buy these new products?  I know from personal experience that there are not a lot of locations you can go to and grab all the products. There are days where I have to hit up 2 or 3 stores in an afternoon to get the highest quality and best prices. We all know that an afternoon of running from store to store is not something we have ample time for. This new Market Place will save you time and money!  We have started by putting together a “Newbie Kit” to help you get started on your journey or give your journey a little boost to get back on track.

  We have many more products and kits in the works! We will soon be able to offer a “Baking Kit”, “Breakfast Kit”, and my personal favorite, a “Bread Kit” with some of Maintenance Mommy’s best recipes all put together and ready for you to bake! Hello,TIME SAVER! We value our time as mothers and we know you do too. I really hope you enjoy taking a peak around. Please email us with any questions or comments. We love feedback. If there is a product out there that is hard to find or you’d like to see on our site, PLEASE let us know and we will do our best to accommodate! We love you guys and are so happy to help make this journey just a little easier for you~!

Loads of Love,



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