Newbie – Healthy Lunch on the GO~!

    I have this dream world I would like to share with you. I wake up at 5am hit the gym, come home to make some delicious oatmeal, sit with the kids and enjoy breakfast, pack their healthy lunches while they thank me profusely for feeding them only the best foods, then kiss them send them off to school, read and play with the twins, make a delicious lunch, SIT down and enjoy it, in my magically clean home… you get the picture right?

Some days can actually go this way, however it is very rare. I find my self running errands, heading out the door in a hurry. Dropping off or picking up the kids and all that other fun stuff we busy moms get to do. Without a doubt, eating a salad for lunch is the BEST thing for us. Its the easiest way to get in a pound a raw veggies for the day. So then how do I do it on a busy day? 

*This is top secret and I am NOT recommending it 😉 just letting you know what I do. Sitting and enjoying your lunch is the BEST thing for you, however this works in a pinch!

Salad in a bag!! I know it sounds a little crazy, but just keep reading and let me explain. I grab a half gallon zipper baggie, Start with two or three handfuls of spinach, then I will ALWAYS put a handful of fruit, grapes, blueberries, even strawberries work. Then I add some chopped broccoli and nuts. It takes minutes to throw together! It varies of course from time to time. Its easy to snack on while running errands and before you know you have eaten the whole bag! The key to these fabulous salads in a bag is the FRUIT. I try and get a grape or blueberry with every bite, it replaces the need for salad dressing. I KNOW this is not the perfect solution and many will say, just sit and take time for yourself, that is why I have my lovely disclaimer *above!

On this particular day when I took the pic, the twins also had their own salad baggies and half of a whole wheat bagel w/peanut butter on it. We had a lot of errands to run. We all stayed full, happy, and we got a healthy lunch on the go! There is no need for a drive-thru! 

Happy Salad Eating!!


Source: WFM 1-10

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