Maintenance – Lunch Box Idea Month

As Whole Food Mommies we know how important it is to feed our kids healthy lunches.  We also know how HARD this can be sometimes!!!  We’re not perfect and neither are our lunchboxes…but we try!  So we wanted to dedicate October to Lunchbox Ideas!  We’ll share with you some of the things we send our kiddos off to school with, and some things we feed the little ones at home.  We’d also love to see some of your lunches too, so if you have any pics you’d like us to share, please send them to


I thought I’d start with a little twist on an old classic.  Years ago, B.E.C  (before eating changes) I would typically choose between a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a turkey and cheese sandwich.  Well it been a VERY long time since my kids have had a turkey and cheese sandwich, and one of my children was asking when they would get that again. So I worked my magic (which means a trip to Sunflower Market – or your local health food store) and this is what I bought:

Oven roasted vegan deli slices made with wheat gluten and tofu,

Dairy-free “cheese” slices

and my favorite mayo alternative!

I made some bread (recipe found here), put a little mustard, mayo, lettuce and pickles and we VOILA, a turkey cheese classic!  My daughter was thrilled and said it tasted perfect.  Hooray!

Here was a picture of lunch that day:

The zucchini chocolate chip muffin recipe can be found here.

Good luck with all your healthy lunches this month.  We’ll help you out with a few ideas.  We also have a great giveaway that will be announced soon!  And don’t forget that tomorrow (Oct. 7th) is the last day to enter our Grand Prize Giveaway!

Source: WFM 1-10

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