Newbie – My Ode to T. Colin Campbell, A true hero!

 T. Colin Campbell : This man is very near the TOP of my HEROES list!


The life he has dedicated to science has forever changed the course of my family’s life. I was tested in January 2007 for BRCA. (a known breast and ovarian cancer gene). At the time I really knew nothing about it. I got a phone call from my father, a man who I had very little contact with since my parents were divorced when I was 14 years old. He let me know that two of my aunts and my grandmother had breast cancer. My grandfather was currently being treated for prostate cancer. His whole family had been tested as part of a study at The Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah. He let me know he was a carrier of the gene and I had the chance to be tested for free through this study. I decided, why not? I had NO idea the impact it would have on my life. I received my results March 7th 2007… The moment I got the results is so vivid, it seems like it was yesterday. A huge weight had been placed on me, a 25 year old mother of two beautiful girls. Thoughts of how, when, why… what can I do about it, will I live to see my girls grow up, what will I do when I get diagnosed, will there be a cure before I get cancer and so on started racing through my head! Those thoughts didn’t change for TWO YEARS, until I was offered a copy of The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell.


Like many of you, I had NEVER considered diet to be a factor in my having cancer or any disease for that matter. I was surprised and then HOPEFUL!! A feeling I hadn’t felt for two years… HOPE! I had the power to take some control back. MY GENES ARE NOT MY DESTINY! What a freeing statement! In the book, Dr Campbell even touches on the gene BRCA. He, of course, does not guarantee a cancer or disease free life if you change your diet, but his book gives a lot of great scientific research linking diet and disease. It is a tough read if you are not a scientist, but a GREAT resource. I like being able to use it as a reference to look up a disease or ailment and studies that have been done that link diet factors as part of the cause. I HIGHLY recommend owning a copy of this book, maybe two or three!!! 

A moment of GLORY for me: I got to meet Dr Campbell on my 30th birthday! OHMYGOODNESS!! He is so genuine and kind! Because I love you all, I am willing to share a small photo of me and my HERO (keep in mind… yoga retreat, sweaty smelly me in photo)! I was at a yoga retreat in Colorado with Maintenance Mommy, he and Kris Carr were both speakers on my birthday! (how did I get so lucky!?!) I was able to chat with him before he spoke and after. We discussed a few things in his book and he mentioned a second book coming out… I CANNOT WAIT!  He was very candid as we discussed my gene and my daughters. He was quoting studies and research left and right. He was very generous with his information… and KIND enough to hold my sign (made with love by Maintenance Mommy)! Thank you Dr Campbell!


Now onto FORKS OVER KNIVES: I was lucky enough to watch the movie in New York with some family.  I have been able to watch it several times since then. What a GREAT documentary! I feel like I get new information each time I watch. I LOVE the way the movie ties together science and the medical world! It talks of Dr Campbell and Dr Esselstyn both growing up on farms as boys, then later in life both finding the links between diet and disease.  It shows that there was no motive behind the research being done. Once they tested their research,  they could not keep the information to themselves.  The movie leaves no room for doubt that a whole food plant-based diet is the key to a long healthy life. I also love the shots of T. Colin Campell out for a jog! After meeting him, its obvious he has boundless energy! This is a MUST SEE~MUST PURCHASE and SHARE with everyone movie! 

  These two men found information and have the guts to share it. I am forever grateful to them both for following their path in this life and standing up for truth! I am inspired over and over again by them! THANK YOU!


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