Maintenance – Why you'll love the book!

I thought I’d take a minute to tell you how awesome the book for this week’s giveaway is.  My passion is reading all about diet and nutrition and the dramatic effects it can have on your life.  So as you can imagine, I do A LOT of reading.  Sometimes it’s brand new information and sometimes it’s a new perspective on basic truths about food.  The thing I love about Kris Carr’s book is that it has both sides in one awesome book

If you want to know all about juicing, it’s in the book.  Curious about drybrushing, it’s in the book. Looking for a fabulous 21-day cleanse -it’s in the book.  Interested in learning about the living enzymes in raw foods – yup, it’s in the book!  You’ll read about PH balance, supplements, meditation, essential oils, smoothies, detoxing – it’s all in the book.  Along with great resources and wonderful recipes. 

I’ve mentioned Kris before here and here, and her story about her war with cancer is amazing and inspirational. I’ve been a big fan of hers and thought I’d share a little story with you.

After reading this book I got onto her website and decided to sign up for her newsletter.  A short while later I noticed a tag line in one of her emails that said something about a yoga retreat.  Newbie mommy and I had been searching for an affordable yoga retreat to attend, and I was certain I had stumbled upon the perfect one! Not only did it fall on Newbie’s 30th birthday, but Kris Carr and T Colin Campbell were BOTH guest speaker!  Of course we booked it right away!

Well we made a fool out of ourselves gushing like school girls when we got a chance to meet them both.  They were both lovely and gracious!  We assumed that after Kris’s lecture on the Friday night that she would fly back home to New York.  Well low and behold, we find out she’s not flying home until Sunday.  On Saturday morning I turned to Newbie and said, “We’re going to have dinner with Kris Carr tonight.  Throw it out to the universe that it’s now on our vision board!”.

Well to make a long and crazy story short, there were lots of turns of events that had us in the exact right place at the exact right time.  The 2 of us were sitting in an empty Asian restaurant staring out the window to the deserted ski village around us.  We didn’t see a soul and then all of the sudden, Newbie says “Oh my gosh, Kris Carr is across the street, going into the grocery store (a teeny tiny little ‘store’ that we had just left).  Newbie convinced me to run across the street and invite Kris to join us for a delicious vegan dinner.  At first she declined, but then she ended up walking across the street (hesitantly I’m sure 🙂 and joining us.  We had a fabulous 2 hour dinner and we were inspired and uplifted, not only by her story and her success, but also by her bright outlook and encouraging words!

So a big huge shout out to Kris Carr!  We are definitely not encouraging people to stock her or to extend strange dinner invitations – simply to read her book.  And even better than that, to improve their health, and the health of their families!

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