Maintenance – Grand Prize giveaway!

We’re excited to announce our final GRAND PRIZE giveaway in honor of our 2 year Anniversary!  We hope you love these things as much as we do.

The winner will receive one of our favorite books, NY Times Bestseller, CRAZY SEXY DIET donated by the fabulous (and now 40 🙂  Kris Carr!  Check out her awesome website CrazySexyLife.

We love this book – not for the kiddos though – Kris has some “illustrious” language 🙂

Next, the lucky will win a copy of the New Release and huge hit, Forks over Knives.  If you don’t end up winning, please, please, please, gather some family and friends together and watch this fabulous documentary!  It’s changing people’s lives!

 The winner will also receive this brand new 2 Disc Audio CD about the foods to avoid and the foods to eat everyday!  Years of reading and questioning and searching for truths about food have gone into this CD.  Learn more about it here. We’re excited for one lucky winner to enjoying listening and learning.

The winner will also receive some yummy food from Cascadian Farms.


Oats & Honey Granola

17 oz.

Granola lovers, get ready for a whole new taste! Cascadian Farm’s take on this classic

features a delicious blend of honey-coated whole oats and crisp rice.


Oatmeal Raisin Chewy Granola Bars™
8.78 oz
Chewy kid-sized organic granola bars with yummy and wholesome rolled oats & raisins.



Multi Grain Squares
13 oz.
Bursting with whole-grain goodness, this yummy day-starter blends the crunch and

flavor of wheat, corn and rice with just a hint of sugar.


 Thank-you Cascadian Farms!!!!  Please find them on Facebook ( and Twitter (

This week’s winner will also receive an 8 pack variety box of these delicious Perfect Food Bars.  Thanks Perfect Foods!
We love these bars!

And last but not least, the winner will receive a Whole Food Mommies decal sticker!

So here are the rules of entry.  You can do one of them for one entry, or all 3 to triple your chances of winning:

Please remember to LOG IN to our site and LEAVE your COMMENTS on our BLOG post to count for entries.

1. Share our link on facebook or twitter.

example: I just shared the LOVE on fb!

2. Tell us what prize you just can’t live without.

example: I NEED Forks Over Knives in my home, so I can share it with EVERYONE!

3 Tell us WHY you decided to change or what made you take the steps to change your diet.

example: Cancer and Heart Disease run in my family and I want to take preventative measures!

This contest will run until October 7th!  Good luck!

Source: WFM 1-10

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